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What is PEMA®?
The Process Equipment Manufacturers' Association (PEMA®), organized in 1960, is a top management association for companies in the process equipment field.  Its purpose is to maintain an organization of capital equipment manufacturers.

What are the objectives of the association?
PEMA maintains a functional, results oriented trade association responding to changing membership needs.  The association strives to:
  • provide a social/business base where members can meet to share and exchange views on common interests;
  • collect and distribute statistical data relevant to the interests of the membership;
  • provide a meeting format of speakers, round tables and forums as ongoing management programs on subjects of value to the membership;
  • encourage the formation of special interest groups;
  • encourage members to take appropriate action in their self interests, by which the industry can gain information and influence in government affairs; and
  • offer an educational program which serves the differing needs of a highly fragmented (in size and production) membership.
What are the benefits of PEMA membership?
  • Networking... access via meetings and the ListServ to top management of process equipment manufacturers and members of similar capital equipment associations. Members share industry experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and explore common business opportunities.
  • Alliances... exposure to national/international manufacturing and trade organizations, enabling members to be current on public policy issues impacting competition in a global marketplace, and have an advocacy voice in the formulation of policies that shape the business climate. Examples include The National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI.
  • Shows... excellent discounts on Powder & Bulk Solids Show. Discounts can exceed PEMA annual dues, making the membership investment pay for itself. PEMA staff and members serve on the Powder & Bulk Solids Exhibitor Advisory Board, consisting of exhibitors and industry leaders who have a vested interest in the future of the show and the industry.
  • Statistics... a quarterly statistics program provides access to company bookings, billings, backlog and quotes for other process equipment manufacturers of comparable size, allowing members to benchmark their company against others within the industry. Biennially, an executive compensation/employee benefits survey is conducted and reported in aggregate to ensure confidentiality.
  • Meetings... three interactive meetings each year provide forums to discuss current industry issues/trends, and learn from experts on a variety of timely topics. These meetings typically are attended by two-thirds or more of member companies.
  • International Exhibitions... member pavilions at international trade shows attract a large volume of visitors (increasing access to potential business prospects), offering economies of scale, and fostering common business goals and services.
  • Extracurricular Activities... member companies are eligible to join the Product Liability Prevention & Defense Group, and/or opt to receive Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI forecasts and other timely reports.
  • PEMA Press Newsletter... distributed electronically, it is a communication/information vehicle for members to learn about member company news, association services and industry issues.
  • PEMA Web Site... the association's web site is a valuable reference and is utilized by members, prospective members, customers, overseas embassies, the media, financial analysts and others. Prospective buyers may search the member database for suppliers of specific machinery. The members-only section posts survey results, trade reports, links to various government and private-sector web sites, searchable member roster, and web site traffic statistics.
How is PEMA organized?
A 12 member Board of Directors directs policies, with day-to-day administration by its professional staff. Committees are a vital part of PEMA and include: Membership, Executive, Program, Nominating, Finance, Statistics, and Marketing. Three general membership meetings a year assure practical programming and services. Officers serve one year, and Board members serve three years.

What are the eligibility requirements for PEMA membership?
Eligibility for membership is open to any manufacturer that devotes an important part of its facilities in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) to the manufacture of process equipment. For purposes of membership, "an important part of operations in North America" and "manufacture of process equipment" shall be defined by the Board of Directors. "Multiple" memberships exist from among separate units of large companies. Learn more about becoming a member by viewing the PEMA fact sheet.

Are foreign manufacturers of process equipment eligible for membership?
There are no eligibility prohibitions against foreign manufacturers of process equipment provided their North American operations meet the eligibility requirements. The North American operations should be a separate business entity, not a branch, and it, not its parent, is the member company.

What is the definition of process equipment?
PEMA's definition is "equipment which uses physical or chemical methods to increase the value of a raw material or product".

What industries/markets do PEMA member companies serve?
Member companies serve the liquid/solids separation, food processing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, waste water treatment, paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, ceramics, plastics, wood processing, environmental, building products, mining/mineral, metal process, and other industries.

What is PEMA's success formula?
A key ingredient to PEMA's success is peer exchange. Perhaps unique among associations, members freely exchange information, within a legal context. Three meetings a year of high member attendance nurture this productive environment. Meeting themes generally include management, sales and marketing, and technology. PEMA's national headquarters is Washington-based and staffed with long-term professionals having more than 200 years combined experience in management and development of associations. Since 1984, the professional staff has provided PEMA with expert financial administration, meeting planning, membership services and recruiting, communications support, organizational continuity, and leadership.

How do I establish a link to the PEMA web site?
Send an email to the webmaster requesting reciprocal linking.

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