The Executive Committee functions in effect as a micro Board of Directors in overseeing PEMA’s performance and direction.

Chair: Chris Nawalaniec, Stedman Machine Company

  • Travis Young, Vortex Global
  • Andy Forrester, Spiroflow

The Finance Committee is responsible for the general supervision of association finances, and in this capacity, submits a proposed annual budget and fiduciary practices to the Board of Directors for approval, reviews financial statements; and recommends the investment of surplus funds.

Chair: Andy Forrester, Spiroflow

The Marketing Committee promotes PEMA (the association and members) and delivers value added services to members to supplement core services in many ways, including special topic seminars.

Chair: Robert Bunting, Bunting

  • Mike Colella, Cyclonaire
  • Brittany Dollimore, ACS Valves
  • Sarah Maher, General Kinematics
  • Heather Schuler, General Kinematics
  • Mike Wedel, C&W DustTech

The Membership Committee coordinates activities to promote association membership to prospective member companies, which encompasses initiation of membership campaigns, production of membership marketing tools, qualification of prospects and contact with potential members. It also is assigned membership retention.

Chair: Chuck Mitchell, Carrier Vibrating Equipment

  • Dave Barnes, Progressive Products, Inc.
  • Brian Bernard, Schold Manufacturing
  • Chuck Kerwin, AZO, Inc.
  • Craig Macklin, Cleveland Vibrator Company
  • Birte Mathis, Jacob Tubing, L.P.
  • Jeff Soldan, Bauermeister
  • Julie Whitten, PIAB USA
  • Chris Williams, DMN Inc.

The Program Committee selects program content for three meetings a year and identifies speakers who have expertise within those chosen topics.

Chair: Travis Young, Vortex Global

  • Tom Bowen, SWECO
  • Ken Everill, Triple/S Dynamics
  • Scott Franco, CPE Filters
  • Rich Gaffney, Sentry Equipment Corp.
  • Nick Giefer, Schenck Process
  • Matthew Hernandez, Pneumatic Conveying, Inc.
  • Charlie Ingram, PEMA
  • Dirk Maroske, Prater Industries
  • Matt Richardson, Hapman
  • Kyle Rhodes, Magnetic Products, Inc.
  • Richard Weeks, The Dupps Company

The Show Vision Committee is a joint body between PEMA and Informa to ensure that the Powder Show is mutually beneficial for exhibitors, attendees, the PEMA Association and the Informa Show Organizers. PEMA provides input on details such as focus sectors, attendance quality and strategies for success.

Chair: Rob Ward, Russell Finex, Inc.

  • Nora Ashman, VAC-U-MAX
  • Jim Egan, General Kinematics
  • John Winski, Coperion K-Tron

The Statistics Committee oversees the association’s statistics program and recommends statistics program changes to the Board. The committee also generates new surveys, revises existing surveys and reviews the quarterly statistics reports prior to their distribution to participating member companies.

Chair: Steve Becker, Kice Industries

  • Brian Burmaster, Vortex
  • Scott Nyhof, Material Transfer
  • Seth Vance, Kason Corp.