For more than 60 years, Bunting has fit the profile as a leader in growth and innovation, constantly seeking new ways magnetic products can provide the companies its serves with more efficient production, and safer products. Bunting’s extensive product lines include magnetic separation equipment, metal detection equipment, material handling and separation conveyors, printing cylinders, custom magnets, magnetic assemblies, in-stock rare earth magnets, and much more. The company products can be found in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, recycling, metal stamping, packaging, aerospace, defense, automotive, appliance, oil and gas markets, and more.



Bunting is a family-owned, global manufacturing company based in Newton, Kansas. It was originally Bunting Magnetics Company, founded in 1959 by Walter and June Bunting. Their son, Bob Bunting, led Bunting’s strategic growth to several locations in the United States and Europe over a span of 29 years as the company’s president and CEO. In 2022, Bob’s son Robert assumed the role as the company’s third-generation president and CEO.


Corporate Structure

Bunting operates its facilities as independent profit centers. Some locations, such as the main facility in Newton, have multiple product lines that also operate as independent profit centers. This structure offers the company a diversified product line that assures profitability. Each location has a general manager and its own sales force to assure customer expectations are designed and built into every product produced. There is a team of global managers that coordinates the activities of the individual locations to keep the company focused on meeting its strategic goals.



Products at Bunting range from magnetic separators and metal detectors for finding and removing tramp metal from bulk products, powders, granules, liquids, and even meats to material handling conveyors that can convey, sort, and separate ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, chopped wire, circuit boards, rubber, and plastics.  The metal stamping product line includes conveyors that remove parts from stamping presses as well as non-belted conveyors that convey jagged and sharp ferrous products away from machining centers. In the metal packaging industry, Bunting designs and manufactures conveyors for moving steel cans used to package vegetables, fruits, and soups, and the company designs and manufactures printing cylinders used on metal decorators for printing beverage cans that carry everyday beverages such as beer, soda, energy drinks, and even wine.



Bunting was originally founded in Chicago in 1959 but moved its Corporate Headquarters to Newton, Kansas, in 1979.  It maintains multiple facilities in Newton, Kansas that manufacture a wide array of fabricated products, a distribution center in Elk Grove Village, a custom magnet manufacturing, distribution, and assembly facility in DuBois Pennsylvania, a recently expanded multi-product manufacturing facility in Redditch, United Kingdom, a custom magnet manufacturing and assembly facility in Berkhamsted, United Kingdom, and a magnet purchasing and inspection office in Ningbo China.


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