CPE Filters, Inc. (CPEF) offers a wide range of equipment and services for the capture of dry particulate product from a variety of manufacturing processes and the containment and collection of nuisance dust and fume. CPEF provides equipment and dust collection service including system evaluations, engineering/design services, erection services, replacement parts for its own and competitor’s units, and maintenance and inspection services.

The company was founded in 1972 as C.P. Environmental, Inc., by industry veterans Tim Carr and Jim Petrie. The original business was set up to supply filter bags and other dust collector replacement parts for baghouses used in the steel, foundry, and cement industries. In 1985, the company purchased EVO Systems, a former dust collector equipment manufacturer, and the new business became known as C.P. Environmental Filters, Inc. In 2004, the company split into C.P. Environmental, Inc. and C.P. Environmental Filters, Inc. (aka CPE Filters) with CPE Filters primarily designing and manufacturing new equipment, but with a strong foothold in total system solutions, engineering evaluations, site services, equipment installation, baghouse maintenance, and re-builds/conversions.

In 2007, the firm moved to its current headquarters in Woodridge, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. The facility has 4,000 square feet of office space in addition to 6,000 square feet of warehouse storage. Critical maintenance and repair parts are kept in inventory at the Woodridge facility to ensure fast delivery.

CPEF markets its products and services nationwide. Since 1986, the present company has been supplying baghouses, cyclones, mechanical shaker collectors, dust collector components, auxiliaries, engineering services, maintenance, collector upgrade services. Unlike many firms that offer similar equipment packages, CPE Filters, Inc., has the resources to assist customers with site assessments, in sizing and designing systems, and is prepared to furnish turn-key systems including the installation of ductwork and hoods.


More information on CPE Filters, Inc., is available on its website at www.cpef.com.