Wyssmont Company

Wyssmont Company designs, manufactures, and services its TURBO-DRYER® worldwide to the chemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, food, and food additives industries. Additional products manufactured are continuous tray dryers, crossflows, feeders, lump-breakers, solvent recovery dryers, multi-stages, laboratories, and calciner.

The company was founded in 1932 by Mr. A. Weisselberg, a mechanical engineer, with the sale of the first Turbo-Dryer in the United States. His son, Edward, a chemical engineer and long-time PEMA participant, took over in 1964 and led the company until his passing in 2016.

Wyssmont’s office is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and there is a warehouse in neighboring Englewood, New Jersey. Wyssmont also offers a test drying facility.

Wyssmont Dryer Production

Wyssmont’s dryers are used worldwide in virtually every industry that requires drying of wet materials from organic chemicals to silver powder. Many systems are provided to continuously dry solvent wet materials and recover the evaporated solvent without requiring a vacuum system.

At Wyssmont, Chemical engineers are responsible for process design and sales. They collaborate with independent sales representatives to solve customer drying problems. Sales Representatives are available in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Israel, Taiwan, Ireland, England, Peru, Turkey, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Korea, India, and Germany.

Wyssmont’s mechanical design team, led by the vice president of engineering and a project manager, prepares fabrication drawings. These are sent to a subcontracted fabrication shop that builds the dryers. Units up to 12’ diameter and 17’ high are shipped shop assembled. Units 16’ to 30’ in diameter and up to 50’ high are shipped in sub-assemblies for erection in the field.

Test Drying Facility

Wyssmont testing facilities have proven to be a valuable asset to hundreds of companies. Located within easy reach of all major New York area airports, the New Jersey Turnpike, and the George Washington Bridge, the laboratory is easily accessible to customers who fly or drive-in with product samples for testing.

The test drying equipment duplicates the action of a full-scale TURBO-Dryer and allows for direct scale up to any production capacity. Only a few pounds of wet material are required for a test.

Lab testing is thorough and frequently reveals characteristics about the product, which are new to the client. The client receives a complete test report with drying curve and air material temperature profiles, plus a sample of the dried product. Files are maintained on every product ever tested in Wyssmont’s equipment.

Other Information

Wyssmont’s dryers have a history of long life. Many large production units operating daily have been in continuous operation since the 1950s. A plant in Boron, California, has been drying Borax since 1957.

There is an interesting story about one dryer installation. In the 1930s, a large field-erected TURBO-Dryer was sold to a company in the Philippines to dry coconut. When the Japanese were invading the Philippines, the workers at the plant dismantled the dryer and buried it. After the war, they reassembled the dryer and went back into operation.

Wyssmont is proud of its reputation and has often ranked as the most preferred supplier of dryers by Chemical Engineering Magazine’s “Preference and Awareness Studies.”


Learn more about Wyssmont Company at www.wyssmont.com.