Bepex International LLC

Bepex International LLC, a PEMA member for 21 years, provides solids process and product development built on a range of thermal, agglomeration, and size reduction technologies. The company has more than 25 different proprietary equipment designs, each meeting specific needs in solids processing. It operates in the food, feed, chemical, mineral, and polymer industries. From cottage cheese to charcoal, there is rarely a material or ingredient that the company has not seen at some point in its history.



Bepex has roots dating back to the early twentieth century. In 1975, Bepex Corporation was formed by the merger of three unique powder processing companies: Strong-Scott founded in 1906; Komarek-Greaves founded in 1908; and Rietz Equipment founded in 1933. Through the merger, Bepex was positioned with a wide technological range and a dense backlog of experience in a variety of industries. In 1992, Bepex was purchased by Hosokawa Micron, and it remained a subsidiary of Hosokawa until 2004 when a group of senior managers active in the day-to-day operations of the company purchased Bepex and launched Bepex International.

Two of the senior managers who participated in the purchase in 2004 are still active with the company. They are Kevin Swanson (COO) and Greg Kimball (CEO). Both started as lab engineers early in their careers and have gone on to become known experts in their respective fields, authoring numerous papers and patents.



The company headquarters, along with the Process Development Center, is in northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. BEPEX’s manufacturing partners are likewise located in the Midwest, with three primary shops in the surrounding Twin Cities metro area, and a fourth in Chicago, Illinois. Bepex works with a selection of international representatives to better serve its customers located outside of North America.


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