Deryl Beakley

Bill Werra

Bill Werra succeeds Beakley as president, effective immediately.

ALVARADO, TX (February 18, 2021) – C&W DustTech, the market leader in Ready-Mix and Concrete dust collection systems, announced today the retirement of CEO & President Deryl Beakley in June 2021. Effective immediately, Bill Werra will succeed Beakley as president.

Over the next five months, Beakley and Werra will work together to ensure a successful transition. Following his retirement, Beakley will continue serving on C&W’s board of directors.

“It is with heartfelt enthusiasm that I share the news of my upcoming retirement after nearly 30 years with C&W, and express my excitement for C&W’s future” said Beakley. “Bill is well prepared to take the helm, with a diverse leadership background that supports his hands-on knowledge of C&W’s product lines, our distribution network and the end users who rely on us to keep their plants up and running.”

Bill Werra joined the executive team as Chief Growth Officer two years ago, bringing C&W more than 25 years of manufacturing industry leadership, focused on technical engineered solutions for heavy industry. His knowledge of the company is coupled with a commitment to exceptional customer care that mirrors Beakley’s and is the core of C&W’s Dust Settles. We Don’t™. brand.

“Coming off of a challenging 2020, we’re entering 2021 with strong momentum due to our team that worked tirelessly to create new processes and systems for our customers who were hit hard by the pandemic. This team’s commitment to delivering customers new dust technology solutions tees up a very exciting future.” said Werra. “I’m honored to step into the role of president, and thank Deryl for his work in building an industry-leading team and company.”

Steve Duncan, chief operating officer, will team up with Werra, and together they will design and execute a new strategic vision. The vision will build on C&W’s focus on clean air technologies and align with changing market needs. Holding a broad range of leadership positions over a 15-year career with C&W, Duncan will combine his expertise with the knowledge and experience of his engineering and operations teams to operationalize the vision.

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